Hotpoint NT M10 81WK UK Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology

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'Set and forget' about your laundry tasks when using the Hotpoint NT M10 81WK UK Condenser Dryer with Heat Pump Technology.



This appliance contains built-in sensors, which measure the moisture of each load and can adjust the heat used and running time for maximum efficiency.



The heat pump re-uses hot air that passes through the drum, by recycling it through the evaporator rather than venting away.



This removes the water and keeps hold of the remaining heat, which is then driven back into the drum through a coil and purifying filter.



The condensation is channelled to a water container that's integrated into the machine, which can be easily pulled out and taken away to be emptied.



Such consumption saving measures have helped to earn an A+ energy rating, with estimated annual use projected to be 258 kWh.



There are 15 programmes to choose from, through the control dial, with fabrics encompassing mixed, eco cotton, synthetics, wool and silk.



Extra options include an anti-allergy cycle, which has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation, and daily for cotton blends and synthetics spun at high speeds.



Cuddly toys have their own setting for items up to 600g, with refresh serving as a short programme to air out and revitalise dry clothing.



Duvet, bed and bath items, fitness and baby wear, jeans and shirts all have dedicated cycles, with add-ons available through the digital display.



Select four levels of dryness, at the push one a button, to make clothes iron, hanger, wardrobe or extra dry, the latter making garments ready to wear.



Timed drying options can go from 30 to 180 minutes, with a delay start function holding up the process foe one, three, six and nine hours.



More benefits of the Hotpoint NT M10 81WK UK Condenser Dryer



You'll know when a cycle is scheduled to end, through an audible buzzer.


gentle mode reduces the drying temperature during a delicate process.


The crease care button is a treatment that periodically rotates the drum.


Hold down the crease care button for a key lock that holds the settings.


The noise level output shouldn't exceed 68 decibels for any programme.


Built-in or Freestanding Freestanding
Capacity 8 kg
Type of Dryer Heat Pump
Colour White

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